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A young occupational therapy practitioner who is aspiring to write children's books and design video games. She gains inspiration from life experience, knowledge about psychology, health, friendship, nostalgia and San Francisco. Her role models are the story and atmosphere of LittleBigPlanet, Knytt, Katamari and Zelda, the art direction of Michel Gondry, the writing style of The Book Thief, the pure imagination of Roald Dahl and Adventure Time, and the depth in simplicity and innocence of Miyazaki films and Calvin and Hobbes.

Comic Strip Conversations and Social Stories

Carol Gray, a consultant for people with autism, created two interventions using visuals to teach social skills. One of them is called Social Stories and the other is Comic Strip Conversations. Using story and comic strips as methods to teach … Continue reading

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Interoception and the Body Chart Checklist

I read an article written by an OT named Kelly Mahler in OT Advance (Interoception: The Eight Sensory System, June 2016, Vol. 32 No. 6) about a newly recognized 8th sense of the body that could be responsible for our … Continue reading

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Goals and Intentions

Happy 2016, readers! I’ve recently joined Blogging University which is a WordPress course about growing as a blogger. Neurons and Salads has a lot to offer and I want to be better at making writing for this blog happen. The … Continue reading

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The Therapeutic Qualities of Improv

Improv is a form of theater where nothing is rehearsed, no lines have been memorized and anything can happen. It is not only a type of theater but is also a way to learn many important life skills. The philosophy … Continue reading

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Sensory Integration

In the Occupational Therapy (OT) world, sensory integration is a very popular philosophy in addressing pediatric issues across many areas of function. Sensory integration is the therapeutic approach to resolve sensory imbalances, whether someone perceives too much or too little … Continue reading

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Ted Talk Teasers: Ted Talks that Reveal Ways to Positively Impact our Subconscious

These Ted Talks are as informational as they are inspirational and shed light on an aspect of wellness that sometimes gets forgotten. Everyone knows wellness has much to do with diet, exercise, ergonomics and stress reduction, but it also has … Continue reading

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Benefits of Tai Chi and Qigong

Do those silly movements really make a difference? Here’s a list of some potential benefits of these ancient art forms. If you ever wondered what those seniors are doing so early in the park on Sunday and why are they … Continue reading

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